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Decorative Floor Tiles

Decorative Floor Tiles… the joy of taking up old flooring during a refurbishment and discovering a beautiful tiled floor beneath… but if this isn’t the case there is a wide range of Italian, French, Spanish and Moroccan tiles on the market in addition to traditional Victorian or Edwardian designs. The Baroque tile from Mandarin Stone comes in two sizes and four design combinations… Fired Earth’s Whitby tile from their Abbey collection is reminiscent of Victorian designs with border and corner tiles to compliment the base tiles… The Palmerston from Original Style comes as a 36 tile set in blue and terracotta tones. If you like the idea of antique tiles tre The Reclaimed Tile Company for a great selection of salvaged tiles www.reclaimedtilecompany.com

  1. Baroque White/Ochre Tiles @Mandarin Stone www.mandarinstone.com
  2. Abbey Whitby Tiles @Fired Earth www.firedearth.com
  3. Palmerston 36 Tile Set @Original Style www.originalstyle.com


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  • Baroque White/Ochre Tiles @Mandarin Stone www.mandarinstone.com
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  • Abbey Whitby Tiles @Fired Earth www.firedearth.com
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  • Palmerston 36 Tile Set @Original Style www.originalstyle.com