3 Good Places
Limestone Fireplaces

In a classic or contemporary style limestone is a beautiful material with almost a suede-like quality. Soft and cool to the touch and the choices are endless when it comes to carved fluting, arches or geometric lines to suit your own design style… here are three places to find a stylish focal point for your room

  1. The Burlington @Chesney's www.chesneys.co.uk
  2. The Oliver @Amazing Grates www.amazing-grates.co.uk
  3. The Clarendon @Elgin & Hall www.elginandhall.co.uk


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The Burlington @Chesney's
  • The Burlington @Chesney's www.chesneys.co.uk
  • The Oliver @Amazing Grates
  • The Oliver @Amazing Grates www.amazing-grates.co.uk
  • The Clarendon @Elgin & Hall
  • The Clarendon @Elgin & Hall www.elginandhall.co.uk