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Outdoor Furniture

Enjoy outdoor living in style this summer with these furniture collections in rattan, aluminium or teak for a lazy afternoon spent sipping tea… or something a little stronger. Keep your seat colours plain in an off-white, taupe, grey or black… and add interest with cushions and bolsters in geometric prints, stripes and textured weaves. Westbury Textiles have a smart range of outdoor fabrics www.westburytextiles.com

  1. Roma @Holloways www.holloways.co.uk
  2. Cove @Indian Ocean www.indian-ocean.co.uk
  3. Savo @Kettlers www.kettler.co.uk


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Roma @Holloways
  • Roma @Holloways www.holloways.co.uk
  • Cove @Indian Ocean
  • Cove @Indian Ocean www.indian-ocean.co.uk
  • Savo @Kettlers
  • Savo @Kettlers www.kettler.co.uk