Colour & Style
Beach Cabana Style

We might not live a relaxed beach life but can always dream… and by using patterns and textures to reflect the look we can create a little bit of cabana style at home. The Nalina and Paradise prints from Harlequin with palm leaves and tropical flowers bring sense of the exotic in a stunning array of colours… Malabar offer some wonderful tonal combinations in their Antilia silk stripes… and Trina Turk’s Super Paradise medallion print is one of many beautifully bold designs in her collection for Schumacher. Add a natural fibre flooring such as seagrass, jute or sisal… with elements of rattan, bamboo and palm for accessories

  1. Amazilia Fabrics @Harlequin
  2. Antilia Collection @Malabar
  3. Super Paradise Print by Trina Turk @Schumacher


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  • Amazilia Fabrics @Harlequin
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  • Antilia Collection @Malabar
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  • Super Paradise Print by Trina Turk @Schumacher