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Ikat Designs

The trend for ikat designs continues to evolve and influence interior design schemes. Original ikat prints and weaves predominantly from parts of India, Asia, Central and South America date back to around the sixteenth century and are being continually reinvented, sometimes retaining a tribal quality or adopting more contemporary designs. Here are a few which strike this balance… the Exuberance motif from Threads is beautifully bold in violet, russet and gold among other colourways… Baker Lifestyle’s Vari print in Indigo, Lime, Oatmeal and Aqua… and Clarke & Clarke’s Lombok comes in an array of bright and muted tones

  1. Exuberance Russet/Sienna @Threads
  2. Vari Lime @Baker Lifestyle
  3. Lombok @Clarke & Clarke


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Exuberance Russet/Sienna @Threads
  • Exuberance Russet/Sienna @Threads
  • Vari Lime @Baker Lifestyle
  • Vari Lime @Baker Lifestyle
  • Lombok @Clarke & Clarke
  • Lombok @Clarke & Clarke