Colour & Style
Rural Chic

Rural chic encompasses the comfortable elegance of the manor house… full of rich colours in earthy tones, with plenty of texture and pattern for added interest and the luxury feel of cashmere, wool and crisp cottons. Plaids, stripes, landscapes and motifs are favourites for a masculine edge in contrast to country floral prints. With velvet, jacquard, linens and embroideries these collections from Mulberry Home, Linwood and Ralph Lauren evoke the spirit of weekends in the country… days spent exploring unknown places, dinner by candlelight… and finally it’s bedtime as you snuggle up under gorgeous bedlinen and dream of another day

  1. Country Weekend @Mulberry Home
  2. Sporting Life @Linwood
  3. The Brookfield Collection @Ralph Lauren


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Country Weekend @Mulberry Home
  • Country Weekend @Mulberry Home
  • Sporting Life @Linwood
  • Sporting Life @Linwood
  • The Brookfield Collection @Ralph Lauren
  • The Brookfield Collection @Ralph Lauren