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Designer Style: Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern’s dramatic interiors are hugely inspiring to those brave enough to experiment with a darker palette and I absolutely love her design style. The atmosphere she creates is powerful but not overwhelming with schemes in dark tones being soothing and comfortable rather than gloomy or dull. By using no more than three colours and varying the shades of these from light to dark… she creates a harmonious canvas adding detail and interest in layers of texture and intense colour accents. With clever configuration, sometimes unexpected proportion of furnishings and placement of lighting and accessories… the effect is a look of relaxed glamour with unique style. Abigail Ahern has published three books ‘A Girl’s Guide To Decorating’, ‘Decorating With Style’ and ‘Colour’ packed full of advice and ideas on how to transform your home. So with a monthly Design School Masterclass and the most amazing shop in Islington the only thing you need to remember is: Don’t be afraid of the dark


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